All About the Author

(That’s me)

My name is R.E. Klinzing. (At least when it comes to my books.)

I am the teller of tales that are aching to be told, author of the T.S.O. series, following the crime adventures facing the agents of the Teen Spy Organization. Aside from the T.S.O. universe, I dabble in mermaid fantasy stories and some other fiction works that will one day be published.

I live in Tennessee with my family and dog. When I was thirteen, I started writing my first official book, Finding Doom. But I have been writing since I could hold a pencil in my hand. Ever since discovering the magic of storytelling, I have never stopped telling stories of my own. When you can’t escape to a world of magic and mystery, why not create them yourself? Because that’s what writing is, building universes from nothing but imagination and a bit of determination.

When I’m not writing, I fill my time with schoolwork as an ASL interpreting student and part-time employee in the restaurant business. I spend the rest of my free time playing outside with my siblings, building my faith, and watching what might be considered way too many crime and fantasy shows with my sister. I hope to one day make a difference, if only for a moment, in the lives of my readers and those who long to be filled with the magic of stories.

Book signing at St. Hyacinth Academy

Some fun facts:

  • I’m the oldest child in my family, but the third tallest. So far.
  • Favorite book series? Maximum Ride and I am Number Four.
  • Favorite genres: Mystery, crime, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction
  • Favorite sport: Volleyball
  • Graduated from high school, homeschooling, in 2021

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