2022 Reading Challenge

Hey readers! Welcome to 2022! A new year means a new reading goal! Every reader has one, whether it's to simply pick up one book and start reading again, to finish a specific series, or to read as many books as you can! Fill out the survey below to share what your reading goals are … Continue reading 2022 Reading Challenge

Character Interview: Agent Mills

"Well, Agent Mills, it's nice to finally have you here with us. We've been trying to get you to do an interview with us for some time now." "Well, you know me, always busy," said agent Mills. "Alright, well let's get started." "This is all classified, right?" "Of course, Agent Mills." The interviewer smiled. "Now, … Continue reading Character Interview: Agent Mills

T.S.O. Book 2 Name!!

Hey everyone! The two weeks are up! Are you ready to know the name of the second book of the T.S.O. series? I know I am! Alright, here it is. . . The second book of the T.S.O. series name is: The Bayshire Any guesses as to the plot? Here's a hint. The book is … Continue reading T.S.O. Book 2 Name!!

Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt!

At Brianna's Books and Randomnesses, I learned about the Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt! Head over to her website to see her scavenger hunt answers. Here's mine, with some help from my baby sister. (All photos are of my actual book copies.) Find an author or title with a "Z" in it. The Book Thief, one of … Continue reading Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt!

Agent Z Needs You. Will You Join the Mission?

I never expected to have memory loss. As a matter of fact, I never thought I would become an agent, especially for an underground agency. Keep reading to see what Agent Z has to say.

Poetry Contest: Inside the Sun

Hey everybody! So, the Riverside County Office of Education is having these weekly art contests. This is the last day for week one, poetry. The theme of the contest is Expressions of Change. Now, I don't usually write poetry, but I decided to enter. When I was younger I wrote poetry all the time until … Continue reading Poetry Contest: Inside the Sun

What to do When You’re Cooped up in the House.

Right now our world is experiencing something, well, not normal. The Corona virus is causing the world to put many things at a stand-still. For example: schools are being closed. The college I attend has closed campus and postponed classes. So other than my adventures in the front/backyard, I don't really have anywhere to go … Continue reading What to do When You’re Cooped up in the House.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Review

Percy Jackson and the Olympians was written by Rick Riordan.The five-book series follows Percy Jackson on his adventures as a demigod in a world ruled by the Greek gods.I first started reading the series due to my sister's request. It was the very first book series she fell in love with!Now I understand her obsession … Continue reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Review

Book Challenge Winner!!!!

So, after collecting answers from comments and Instagram, we have a winner! drum roll please... Percy Jackson and the Olympians! I had so much fun hearing about everyone's favorite books. So, next week I will put up a review of the Percy Jackson series. I am currently reading the last book of the series! Other … Continue reading Book Challenge Winner!!!!

When the Writing Life Gets Stressful: A Little Bit of Motivation.

The writing life can be stressful sometimes, heck, life can be stressful! You can be feeling stuck in your story, lose motivation. Life happens and your writing is put on the back burner. That's ok! I just have to remind myself that hey, I can do this! Look how far I've come already! I have … Continue reading When the Writing Life Gets Stressful: A Little Bit of Motivation.