2022 Reading Challenge

Hey readers!

Welcome to 2022! A new year means a new reading goal! Every reader has one, whether it’s to simply pick up one book and start reading again, to finish a specific series, or to read as many books as you can!

Fill out the survey below to share what your reading goals are for 2022!

My goal is to read about 40 books this year! I have a series I want to finish called Left Behind and a couple other specific books on my to-be-read list! Comment below what books you want to read this year!

Make sure you join the email list too! Make that a goal for 2022! On the email list I share some behind-the-scenes info, chapter sneak peeks, and you’ll even get all these amazing blog posts right in your inbox!

Success! You're on the list.

-R.E. Klinzing

P.S. This applause thing is a new feature on the website! You can click it as many times as you like to show your excitement, so click away!

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