3 Summer Books Series for Kids

Hello friends! We're getting close to the end of the school year. Is anyone looking forward to summer as much as I am? With summer comes lots of time to read. Or not to read. I rely on summers to fly through a good book series and catch up on my To-Be-Read list while I … Continue reading 3 Summer Books Series for Kids

Book Review: A Writer’s Guide to Character Traits

"What are the elements of believable characters?" A Writer's Guide to Character Traits, Linda N. Edelstein, PH.D. Hello, my friends! Ready for Christmas break? Or at least ready for finals to be over and out of the way? I know I am! Let's start with this beautiful book and amazing writing tool everyone should have! … Continue reading Book Review: A Writer’s Guide to Character Traits

Book Review: Scythe

Hello wonderful people! Welcome to the month of September! Let's start this new month off with a book review! Neal Shusterman published Scythe in 2016. It is the first book in his trilogy, Arc of a Scythe. The story is set in a distant future, completely different from today's reality. In Scythe, everything such as … Continue reading Book Review: Scythe

2022 Reading Challenge

Hey readers! Welcome to 2022! A new year means a new reading goal! Every reader has one, whether it's to simply pick up one book and start reading again, to finish a specific series, or to read as many books as you can! Fill out the survey below to share what your reading goals are … Continue reading 2022 Reading Challenge

How do you Know You’re a Book Nerd? You Have Your Own Library Catalog!

Hey readers! Welcome back to the blog, where we discuss books, writing, and everything in between. Today's post is going to be a little different, one my entire family said I should write, so here it goes! Have you ever wondered at what point you can call yourself a book nerd? Maybe the number of … Continue reading How do you Know You’re a Book Nerd? You Have Your Own Library Catalog!

The Kane Chronicles Book Review

"It takes strength and courage to admit the truth."The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan The Kane Chronicles is a three-book trilogy written by Rick Riordan. And it's making its way to my favorites list! The Kane Chronicles follows two young Egyptian magicians, brother and sister Carter and Sadie Kane as they learn about who they are … Continue reading The Kane Chronicles Book Review

Maximum Ride Series Book Review

"The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it snaps everything into perspective."-Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment, James Patterson Hello my fellow humans! Hope you are all doing well! Today we will be talking about Maximum Ride and her family! Welcome to the Maximum Ride universe! Maximum Ride is the name of a nine-book … Continue reading Maximum Ride Series Book Review

Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt!

At Brianna's Books and Randomnesses, I learned about the Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt! Head over to her website to see her scavenger hunt answers. Here's mine, with some help from my baby sister. (All photos are of my actual book copies.) Find an author or title with a "Z" in it. The Book Thief, one of … Continue reading Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt!

Hunger Games Trilogy Book Review

Hunger Games Trilogy consists of three books: Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. The books were written by Suzanne Collins. I have always known of the Hunger Games, but never really understood the popularity until February, last month. It was a Sunday, and my sister and I found the movies on TV! We managed to … Continue reading Hunger Games Trilogy Book Review