What to do When You’re Cooped up in the House.

Right now our world is experiencing something, well, not normal. The Corona virus is causing the world to put many things at a stand-still. For example: schools are being closed. The college I attend has closed campus and postponed classes. So other than my adventures in the front/backyard, I don’t really have anywhere to go on a daily basis. But because I’m homeschooled, I still have schoolwork to do.

A lot of people, like myself, feel cooped up in the house.

Well, I am taking advantage of it! I have spent my time writing and actually finished the first draft for the third book of the T.S.O. series. (Book 2 is in editing!)

But that’s not all!

I have done writing prompt after writing prompt to keep my mind going. And I’ve spent more time reading.

You see, reading gives you the capability to leave your house and travel just about anywhere you want! To whatever time period you want! That’s part of why reading is so magical. Even though I’m stuck in the house I can travel just about anywhere!

Everyone has their own activities they do to pass the time. Personally, my family will watch movies, play board games, play outside, and a bunch of other things. And yes, we still have school work to do. I’m also passing the time by reading, writing, and playing my guitar.

So, even though school is on pause along with a bunch of other things, there is still so much we can do. And with a little bit of imagination, places to explore!

So, what do you do when you’re stuck at home? Share in the comments below!

-R.E. Klinzing

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