School Visit; Kornblum Elementary School

The week of March 2nd was “Read Across America Week”! I was invited to a ‘Meet the Author’ and book signing at Kornblum Elementary School in L.A. I had an amazing time! I had a chance to speak with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes.

In each class I talked about how and why I started writing, and how the editing and publishing process has worked for me. My favorite part of the day however, was listening to all of the students’ feedback and questions.

One of my favorite parts of being an author is listening to what readers have to say. The students asked amazing questions. Some of my favorite questions were: “Why do I like to read?” and “If the T.S.O. was real, would I be an agent?” I also loved all of the questions about the editing process and how I designed my cover.

Two books were raffled off in each class I visited. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you to all of the students for such a warm welcome! I very much enjoyed speaking with all of you. I had so much fun signing all your books and talking to each of you! I was so excited to be approached by a group of students before lunch, all asking for photos and signed bookmarks. You guys are so awesome!!

I want to thank everyone so much, especially all of the amazing teachers, and a special shout-out to Mrs. Reid’s fifth grade class for all the awesome letters. I love all of them and will cherish them forever. You all made me feel so special when I visited your school. Remember, reading is magical, don’t be afraid to share your magic with the world!

I hope you all enjoy the bookmarks and the rest of Finding Doom. I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the ending! Please visit my site and share your thoughts with me.

Thank you to Principal Stewart for asking me to come and talk to your students. You and your staff and teachers are totally awesome and your students were great to be around and speak with!!! You guys rock!!!

-R.E. Klinzing

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