What Editing Really is.

On Monday I visited Kornblum Elementary in LA and spoke to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. I had such an amazing time! All the details about that will be shared next week!

Something I shared with all the kids stuck with me though, something my editor and I talk about a lot.

Most people don’t like editing. Whether it’s for your book or for school, or work. I get it. Editing can be boring. And it can take a long time! But it doesn’t have to be so boring. This is really what editing is:

Editing isn’t finding your mistakes and getting rid of them. Editing is taking what you have and making it greater than you ever thought it could possibly be.

That is how I see editing. We’re human. Making mistakes is part of what we do. But editing gives us an opportunity to improve what we have already created. That’s why it’s so important.

No matter how you edit, what’s important is that you approach it with a positive attitude, not a negative one. Like everything else in life, the way you view something will effect what happens in the end.

And good editing requires a good mind set.

-R.E. Klinzing

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