Book Review: A Writer’s Guide to Character Traits

"What are the elements of believable characters?" A Writer's Guide to Character Traits, Linda N. Edelstein, PH.D. Hello, my friends! Ready for Christmas break? Or at least ready for finals to be over and out of the way? I know I am! Let's start with this beautiful book and amazing writing tool everyone should have! … Continue reading Book Review: A Writer’s Guide to Character Traits

10 Horror Writers to Read this Halloween!

Hello readers! Welcome to the month of October, where everyone dresses up like who they aren't, takes candy from strangers, and celebrates with all things spooky!!! Does anyone here like a good horror story with their Reese's and makeup? I can't say I'm the type of reader that always has their nose in a good … Continue reading 10 Horror Writers to Read this Halloween!

School Visit: St. Hyacinth Academy

Hey readers! This last week I had an amazing opportunity to visit St. Hyacinth Academy in Southern California. This visit was very special because it's the same school I went to when I was a kid from preschool through eighth grade. It had been years since I'd been there, and I loved talking to current … Continue reading School Visit: St. Hyacinth Academy

Author Life Update!

Hello readers! Hello, T.S.O. fans, young writers, or whoever you may be! I know, I disappeared off the face of the internet for a little while. Sorry. But, I’m back! And I’m here with a brief story. Some of you may know, and some of you may not… my family has begun our journey of … Continue reading Author Life Update!

How do you Know You’re a Book Nerd? You Have Your Own Library Catalog!

Hey readers! Welcome back to the blog, where we discuss books, writing, and everything in between. Today's post is going to be a little different, one my entire family said I should write, so here it goes! Have you ever wondered at what point you can call yourself a book nerd? Maybe the number of … Continue reading How do you Know You’re a Book Nerd? You Have Your Own Library Catalog!

The Magic of Book Dedications

To my sister Audrey. Thanks for being my wall.T.S.O. The Bayshire, R.E. Klinzing Hello readers! Welcome back, where today we are talking about book dedications. I know it isn't something usually discussed in book writing, or a necessary addition to a story, but they are important nonetheless. A book dedication, like the one from The … Continue reading The Magic of Book Dedications

Why do Writers Need to Take Breaks From Writing??

Hey everybody! Some of you might know that I took a small trip last week, in which I could not write or edit at all. (That's why there wasn't a post last week.) Some people like to say that you know you're a writer when you feel you have to write constantly. I can understand … Continue reading Why do Writers Need to Take Breaks From Writing??

Why You Need A Writing Notebook and What to Put Inside It

Hello everyone! Here's a question for all you writers. Do you have a writing notebook? For those who don't know what this is, it's basically a writer's diary. It's a journal that holds just about whatever information a writer needs.To get started, what do you put inside your writing notebook? First of all, here's a … Continue reading Why You Need A Writing Notebook and What to Put Inside It

Is Writer’s Block Real?

Hey everyone! So, lots have been happening during quarantine. I've got multiple writing projects going on, and some exciting school things coming up, but today we're going to tackle writer's block! There is a lot of controversy in the writing community on whether or not writer's block is real. Some say it is, others think … Continue reading Is Writer’s Block Real?

What Editing Really is.

On Monday I visited Kornblum Elementary in LA and spoke to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. I had such an amazing time! All the details about that will be shared next week! Something I shared with all the kids stuck with me though, something my editor and I talk about a lot. Most … Continue reading What Editing Really is.