Hello everyone! Here’s a question for all you writers. Do you have a writing notebook? For those who don’t know what this is, it’s basically a writer’s diary. It’s a journal that holds just about whatever information a writer needs.
To get started, what do you put inside your writing notebook? First of all, here’s a tip. Use a separate notebook for each project. If you have multiple projects going on, it’s useful to use different notebooks for each project to help keep your things organized.
Here’s a list of the type of things I keep in my writing notebooks:

  • Story ideas
  • Character names and their meanings
  • Story outlines
  • Character profiles
  • Book cover ideas
  • Drawings or layouts that pertain to your story
  • Notes from meetings (like with your editor)
  • Any notes you want/need that go to your story
  • Story timelines
  • Research

Having one place to keep all my ideas and notes helps me stay organized and know where everything is. This is why all writers should have a writing notebook, even if your notebook ends up being an online file or document. And for those of you who like to write by hand, a writing notebook is the perfect place to keep all your things. And having separate notebooks for each project is even better.

Having a specific place to keep all your writing information is important and extremely helpful

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