Character Interview: Agent Mills

“Well, Agent Mills, it’s nice to finally have you here with us. We’ve been trying to get you to do an interview with us for some time now.”

“Well, you know me, always busy,” said agent Mills.

“Alright, well let’s get started.”

“This is all classified, right?”

“Of course, Agent Mills.” The interviewer smiled. “Now, let me ask the rest of the questions, okay?”

Q: We asked Agent Z the same questions before, so we’ll start with some of those and more. First off, what’s your greatest fear?

A: My biggest fear would be getting kicked out of the Teen Spy Organization.

Q: What makes you angry?

A: My partner would say probably anything, but really? Agent Watson. Or these silly questions my boss said I had to answer for the benefit of new agents. Why, do you want me to be angry?

Q: If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be?

A: I would have interfered to keep my sister from dying.

Q: What is your earliest memory?

A: That’s a vague question. I’ll just pass.

Q: Really, you have nothing to say?

A: Unless you want me to talk about my days in grade school and watching movies with my mom when I was four, no.

Q: What do you like best about yourself?

A: I can only pick one? That’s not fair at all. We’ll go with my inability to make my boss happy with me.

Q: Have you ever come close to dying?

A: Probably more than once on the job.

Q: What’s the last nightmare you recall having?

A: Hmm, probably that one where I was beat by Agent Watson at the obstacle course at camp, and then my leather jacket ripped.

Q: Have you ever had your heart broken?

A: Didn’t I mention my sister’s death before?

Q: Have you ever stolen?

A: Well, I technically stole this rock called the Bayshire Stone at least three times during my last mission, so yes.

Q: What was the last lie you told?

A: If I told you that, I would probably be in trouble with a couple people.

Q: What do you read?

A: Mysteries, crime, anything that involves an adventure and an outstanding sleuth.

Q: Have you ever physically harmed another person?

A: Haha. You’re talking to the Defence Tactics Instructor for the T.S.O. Of course I’ve hurt someone. Physical combat is one of my specialties.

Q: Have you ever saved someone’s life?

A: I like to think that I have.

Q: What makes you laugh?

A: The fact that all your questions make you sound like a really nosy therapist.

Q: Do you pray?

A: All the time. I wouldn’t make it through some of the cases I’ve dealt with without my faith in God.

Q: Do you have superstitions?”

A: I don’t know. But if I have another friend that suffers a foot injury, I’ll be ready to call that a bad omen.

Q: What languages do you speak?

A: English. I can do a couple of accents that are awesome. Everything else I know is classified.

Q: How well do you sleep?

A: Like a baby.

Q: What was the last song you sang?

A: Trouble’s Coming by Royal Blood

Q: When was the last time you danced?

A: Well, that’s just a silly question. I don’t dance. I fight. There’s a difference.

“Well,” I think that’s all we have time for today,” the interviewer said with a sigh.

“Well, I had fun,” said Agent Mills. “Thanks for the silly questions.”

Learn more about Agent Mills and all her friends, her adventures, and her secrets in the second book of the Teen Spy Organization Series, The Bayshire.

-R.E. KLinzing

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