Can A Teenager Really Publish a Book??

Alright everyone. This post is for all you minors out there. (And of course everyone else is still welcome.) For any kid who's ever had a story wandering around in their head, who's ever thought of writing a book. You've asked yourself the question; "Can I really write and publish a book? I'm not an … Continue reading Can A Teenager Really Publish a Book??

My Playlist for The Bayshire: Listen Now!

Hey everyone!Happy Holidays!! As a special little treat, I am sharing a special playlist with you I made on Spotify. I created this playlist when I first started writing¬†The Bayshire, and it is the music I listen to when working on it. I based the playlist on the main character's music interests.For those of you … Continue reading My Playlist for The Bayshire: Listen Now!

The Bayshire: Cover Release

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to finally be able to share the official cover for The Bayshire, (T.S.O. Bk. 2) Here is its... The adventure for the agents of the Teen Spy Organization continues. Agent Alexis Mills, stationed in Ohio, is a top agent that carries out her missions with her impressive combat skills and … Continue reading The Bayshire: Cover Release

Finding Doom: Happy Book Birthday!!

"If my parents didn't know the true story, and I didn't know what happened, who was going to tell me?"Finding Doom, R.E. Klinzing We made it! I can't believe it's been a whole year! Hey everyone! Today is Finding Doom's book birthday! It has officially been published for a whole year! I remember when I … Continue reading Finding Doom: Happy Book Birthday!!

T.S.O. The Bayshire: Book Synopsis

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well with school starting again! My college classes and high school classes are back in full swing! (Online of course.) Well, it's time to release the book synopsis for The Bayshire, book two in the T.S.O. series. I have started beta reading and am working on the … Continue reading T.S.O. The Bayshire: Book Synopsis

The Bayshire Book Synopsis: Coming soon!

Hey everyone! So, school has started and so has beta reading for The Bayshire. Next week the book synopsis will be released! (AKA: what the book's about!) I'm so excited to finally share this new story with you guys. So make sure you check it out next week! Join the newsletter to get it early! … Continue reading The Bayshire Book Synopsis: Coming soon!

Finding Doom is on Sale!

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate our country's independence, Finding Doom is on sale until July 31st! The eBook is currently being sold for $2.00! If you haven't read it yet, this is a great way to celebrate our country's independence and end off the summer! So, come join the agents of the T.S.O. in … Continue reading Finding Doom is on Sale!

I am OFFICIALLY on Goodreads!

Hello Everyone! So, writing wise, I'm current'y on a break in between editing revisions for The Bayshire. I'm also working on a small rewrite for a fantasy story I've been working on. Anyways, I have officially set up my author account on Goodreads! I encourage you to check it out! I would love to see … Continue reading I am OFFICIALLY on Goodreads!

T.S.O. Book 2 Name!!

Hey everyone! The two weeks are up! Are you ready to know the name of the second book of the T.S.O. series? I know I am! Alright, here it is. . . The second book of the T.S.O. series name is: The Bayshire Any guesses as to the plot? Here's a hint. The book is … Continue reading T.S.O. Book 2 Name!!

T.S.O. Book Two Name Coming Soon!

The second book of the T.S.O. series is coming soon! I've been working away, (and still am) to create this next adventure for the T.S.O. agents. But it's time you know at least a little something about it. So, to start off the excitement. . . In two weeks, the name of book 2 will … Continue reading T.S.O. Book Two Name Coming Soon!