7 Things to Have When You Sit Down to Write.

You are ready to enter into your next writing session, but find yourself continuously getting up to grab something else. Say no more!

Here is my list of 7 things to have when you sit down to write.

  1. A comfortable place to sit. If you can’t sit still, you won’t be able to focus.
  2. A computer. (This is optional. If you write by hand, ignore this one.)
  3. Paper. Every writer needs something write on, even if it’s only for notes!
  4. A pen or pencil
  5. Light. (Sorry, haven’t figured out how to see in the dark yet.)
  6. Something to drink.
  7. An open mind. Don’t let your inner-critic keep you from writing.

(I also have a flash drive with me that I use to store all my work.)


If you don’t write on your phone, put it away! Unless you ABSOLUTELY need it, don’t have it in sight, turn off your notifications! This is the one thing I suggest NOT having with you when you write. It can cause too much of a distraction.

What else do you need to have when you sit to write?

-R.E. Klinzing

2 thoughts on “7 Things to Have When You Sit Down to Write.

  1. love it, thanks for the advice!
    i like the part about the “inner-critic” hindering you from writing. that’s a problem i struggle with all the time.


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