What is your favorite Book/Series Challenge!

As a writer, I love to know what readers want to read.

As a reader, I love connecting with others who share the same love for stories.

So, today it’s your turn to talk about your favorite book.

What is your favorite book or book series? If you can’t chose one, go ahead and list a few. Why is it your favorite?

Whichever book is mentioned the most, will be read and reviewed! I can’t wait to see which book I read next!

Results will be posted the beginning of February!

Photos of my past and current bookshelves. Many of my favorites are there!

-R.E. Klinzing

4 thoughts on “What is your favorite Book/Series Challenge!

  1. I have to many to name!
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Heros of Olympus
    Keeper of the Lost Cities
    That’s just to name a few.
    Oh and we definently can’t forget,
    T.S.O. Finding Doom!!

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  2. Please forgive the spelling, but one of my favorite book/series is the Spenser books begun by Robert B. Parker. His series was the modivation for the clasic TV series “Spenser for Hire.” The series is continued by Ace Atkins.

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  4. Another book series that my mom and I like is “Crewel World” by Monica Ferris. The main woman owns a kraft store called Crewel World and she solves misteries. They are enjoyable books and at the end there is a craft that you can do.


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