6 Things to Include in Your Author Bio

What’s up, readers?

Hope your week has been exciting and enjoyable. Maybe you got some writing done, maybe you finished a book, or maybe you finished binge watching an entire show on Netflix while eating three bowls of ice cream. Whatever your successes may be, here we are! We made it to the end of the week, and now it’s time to discuss the author bio, the short description in the back of a book that tells your readers a little bit about your life.

Writing an author bio can be a lot of fun, but it might seem a little daunting. There are so many interesting little facts about you that your readers would love to know! But you have to keep it short! Soooooo, here is my list of 6 things to think about and include in your author bio along with examples.

  1. Say what books you’ve written.
    • R.E. Klinzing is the author of the T.S.O. series and many future books.
    • if they’re reading one book, they might like your other books too!
  2. If applicable, mention awards/titles
    • John Smith is the bestselling author of “Such a Such” and has won the Creative Writing Award of Creativity.
    • If you’re a brand new author, don’t worry about this. But this is you, this shows people why you’re a credible author and why they should keep reading your books.
  3. Where are you from?
    • R.E. Klinzing lives in Southern California.
    • Who knows, maybe your neighbor will read your book!
  4. Give a fun fact or two about something in your life, incorporate it into another fact.
    • R.E. Klinzing lives in Southern California with her family and pets. When she isn’t writing, she is enjoying outdoor activities or watching way too many crime shows with her sister.
    • By saying something fun about yourself, your readers will see there’s more to you than just your books. It adds relatable layers to your character and gives insight into how you might have written your books or what inspired you.
  5. Describe your goal.
    • Her goal is to ignite a love of learning in her readers and help writers pursue their dreams.
    • now people know what pushes your to keep writing.
  6. Directions to learn more!
    • Learn more about the author and her other stories at reklinzing.com
    • Direct your readers to your website or social media for more information about you, your books, and your unique hobbies!

So there you have it! Six things that are essential in a good author bio. Having at least two of these will make your readers feel more relatable to you. Remember, the point of this little snippet of your life is to let your readers something about you! Make it personal, make it fun, and make it unique! Talk about your chocolate obsession, your education, the tons of plants you care for, or the fun activities and groups you’re apart of!

Giving your readers a little bit of info about yourself in a fun and short way at the end of your story opens the doors to a personal and entertaining reading experience. Readers love behind the scenes content, and you are the creator of the worlds and characters they have fallen in love with. How much more personal can it get than finding a way to relate to your readers through your interests and experiences?

If you’re having trouble picking a fun fact or two about yourself, don’t fret! All those other facts you want the world to know can go on your website or your weekly Instagram posts. If you tell them everything at once, then there’s no reason for them to learn more, which is what you want them to do! Your website is where you should share all the behind the scenes and fun facts about who you are!

For those who have written or are writing more than one book, keep in mind that your author bios don’t have to be the same for every book! Each story brings out a different aspect of your imagination, and so should your author bio.

In case you’ve missed it, here’s my author bio found in the back of The Bayshire:

“R.E. Klinzing lives with her family in Southern California. Aside from writing, R.E. Klinzing is studying to be an ASL interpreter. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time reading, enjoying outdoor activities, and watching way too many crime shows with her sister. R.E. Klinzing’s goal is to inspire young writers to pursue their dreams and ignite a love of reading within every person that opens a book. Learn more at reklinzing.com”

Comment below about what you thought, what you put in your author bio, or other blog post ideas you want me to discuss!

Happy writing, everyone!

-R.E. Klinzing

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T.S.O. Bk. #2 The Bayshire

The adventure for the agents of the Teen Spy Organization continues.

Agent Alexis Mills, stationed in Ohio, is a top agent that carries out her missions with her impressive combat skills and teaching abilities. After failing to retrieve an artifact known as the Bayshire Stone, Alexis is taken off the case, and her goal of being the Defense Tactics Instructor at the T.S.O. Training Camp might as well be thrown out the window.

To learn what went wrong and reclaim her position as instructor, Agent Mills ignores her orders and travels across the country to finish the mission on her own. But bad memories and mysterious enemies keep her on her feet as startling secrets are uncovered. Alexis must seek help in some old friends and an archenemy. Now she wonders if the T.S.O. is in danger. Several questions remain. Can Agent Mills retrieve the Bayshire Stone, be reinstated as an instructor, and finish the mission before she gets caught? Or will she lose everything?

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