5 Books to Read for the Fourth of July

Hello readers!

It’s been a while, but I’m back! Happy Independence Day!

The Fourth of July is often celebrated with picnics, parades, and spectacular fireworks. While all of the sporting events and food are amazing, we can’t forget the true meaning of Independence Day. We mustn’t forget to honor our fallen and think about the sacrifices that were made for our great nation.

Life was not easy in colonial times, and as a new nation fighting for her freedom, many people played a part in the American Revolution.

Here are 5 five books about people who fought in the American Revolution. So while we still enjoy the fireworks and hot dogs, we can also think about what life was truly like for people of all kinds during this great war for our freedom.

Camp-Fires of the Revolution or, the War of Independence

This book contains stories from different people who fought in the war for America’s Independence. It shows the suffering these men experienced through the stories and conversations that might have taken place around the campfire.

Spies in the American Revolution for Kids

This book, specifically designed for younger readers, is full of captivating tales about spies during the American Revolution. It has stories designed to teach kids about the jobs these brave men had and the tools and tactics used by spies during the war. This story is also filled with wonderful illustrations to bring these stories to life.

Those Rebels, John and Tom

This is a story about Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and the roles they played in creating the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. These two men, who were quite different from each other, worked together as a fascinating duo. This book shows just how their relationship unfolded to bring America her freedom.

A Spy Called James

This is the story of the famous double agent, James Lafayette. James was a slave in the states who worked as a double agent posing as a guide for the British Army. After the war, he was still a slave in America. In this book, learn about the heroic acts of James Lafayette and his fight for freedom not only for his country but for himself.

Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?

This story shows the perspective of America’s enemies during the War for Independence. In this book, the authors tell an entertaining story about King George III from his life as a boy, a new king, and his role in the American Revolution when he was no longer “good King George.”

Well folks, there you have it! Here are 5 books you can read to learn a little bit more about what happened during the first Independence Day.

The great people who fought for the freedom of America inspired not only me but the creation of the agents in my stories, in the Teen Spy Organization. By learning about the heroes in our past, we can learn more about ourselves and the true cost of our freedom, and what it means to be American. Comment about other books you’ve read about the American Revolution, or if you’ve read any of these!

Until next time my friends, happy reading!

-R.E. Klinzing

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