The Unanswered Questions: Book Review

"The voice had a name..."The Unanswered Questions, Lauren D. Fulter Well, I think this is my first review on a self-published indie author like myself! Awesome! Just a quick congratulations to Lauren D. Fulter for publishing her very first book. The Unanswered Questions by Lauren D. Fulter was published in December 2020, and I believe … Continue reading The Unanswered Questions: Book Review

The Kane Chronicles Book Review

"It takes strength and courage to admit the truth."The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan The Kane Chronicles is a three-book trilogy written by Rick Riordan. And it's making its way to my favorites list! The Kane Chronicles follows two young Egyptian magicians, brother and sister Carter and Sadie Kane as they learn about who they are … Continue reading The Kane Chronicles Book Review

I am OFFICIALLY on Goodreads!

Hello Everyone! So, writing wise, I'm current'y on a break in between editing revisions for The Bayshire. I'm also working on a small rewrite for a fantasy story I've been working on. Anyways, I have officially set up my author account on Goodreads! I encourage you to check it out! I would love to see … Continue reading I am OFFICIALLY on Goodreads!

T.S.O. Book Two Name Coming Soon!

The second book of the T.S.O. series is coming soon! I've been working away, (and still am) to create this next adventure for the T.S.O. agents. But it's time you know at least a little something about it. So, to start off the excitement. . . In two weeks, the name of book 2 will … Continue reading T.S.O. Book Two Name Coming Soon!