The Unanswered Questions: Book Review

“The voice had a name…”

The Unanswered Questions, Lauren D. Fulter

Well, I think this is my first review on a self-published indie author like myself! Awesome! Just a quick congratulations to Lauren D. Fulter for publishing her very first book.

The Unanswered Questions by Lauren D. Fulter was published in December 2020, and I believe it’s the first in a series the author is working on. It is also the author’s debut novel, meaning her very first book. Very exciting. The story fits in the science fiction, post apocalyptic, adventure genres.

The story follows the perspective of a girl named Nikki, hundreds of years in the future. And when she first sees lights in the mountains, then meets some interesting characters from town, her entire world changes. Nikki and her new comrades partake on a dangerous journey, and what seems to be an impossible quest, in order to prove their innocence, save the world, and finally find some answers that could change the course of history. But it won’t be easy. And it definitely won’t be safe.

In The Unanswered Questions, the first thing that stood out to me was the characters. Nikki and her five companions are all so different, with unique personalities and quirks that bring the story to life. I’m not going to lie, the beginning of the book left me a bit confused at first. When it came to the plot, you don’t learn a lot of information about the characters or their past until you get through the first half of the book. As the story progressed, I got more pulled into the plot, wanting to know what was going to happen next as things started to click together.

This book keeps you guessing. Constantly. Hence, The Unanswered Questions. As the characters learn about this new reality they are faced with, and who each of them really are, more and more gets uncovered and even more questions arise. The suspense in the book was just right. Every time I started feeling like I was getting a bit too lost, Lauren dropped a huge plot twist or revealed some information that kept me from closing the book.

Lauren D. Fulter has a quirky, fun way of telling the story that is visible in her writing. Her dialogue is amazing and makes you feel like the characters are right there talking next to you.

I have to say, my favorite part of the book is definitely in the end. Everything comes together, and I felt satisfied with the amount of answers we finally got. And the absolutely lovable characters make it that much more worth it. I’m excited to see what happens in book 2.

One thing is for sure. There are definitely a LOT of Unanswered Questions.

If you want to find out more, I encourage you to check out Lauren D. Fulter’s website here. You can also find The Unanswered Questions at online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Well everyone, happy reading!

-R.E. Klinzing

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