Where Finding Doom Came From

Authors are often asked this very simple question: Where do you get your ideas? I myself have asked this question before. But I’ve come to learn, through others and through experience, that the ideas used for stories are much simpler than people think.

A story idea could come from anything, from something you see, hear, or do. Story ideas could even come dreams, from places you’ve been, or from people you’ve met. In this case, Finding Doom, the idea for the T.S.O. really, came from a game.

When I was younger my friends and I would always make up games, whether at school or home. Of course every game was layered, detailed in the rules or the backstory.

One of our favorite games to play was spies, as we would call it. We would take everyday items from around the house, turn them into crazy gadgets and tools. Each player created their own character. Then a mission or goal would be created for that day. It was always fun, always different.

When I first sat down to write Finding Doom, I was about thirteen. I pulled out my tiny computer and sat there, staring at the blank document. Then, after sitting there for who knows how long, I just started typing, letters turning into words, words making up a story.

I thought back to my early childhood and decided to write about teenage agents, about undercover missions and adventures, definitely much more intricate and detailed than the games I used to play.

So Finding Doom originated from a part of my childhood. I don’t think a single story idea is like another. Much like every book, every movie, something specific stands out from all the others. Something is always different. Therefore the place of origin is usually different as well.

Thanks to Finding Doom and the agents of T.S.O. my childhood game will never be lost!

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