Importance of a Paperback. (Upcoming Book Signing)

(Keep reading to the end for information about my first in-person event!)

Every reader has their own preference, eBook vs. paperback. I have always preferred reading a paperback book.

Today eBooks have become very popular and a lot more people are reading them. The problem with eBooks though, if you only sell eBooks, is you’re depriving tons of possible buyers who only read paperbacks!

I origionally published Finding Doom as an eBook. Even after it was published though, I didn’t feel like it was. As someone who feels comforted from reading a book that I can hold in my hands, it didn’t feel real to me.

I spent last week formatting and figuring out how to get my book printed. After a very long and stressful weekend of reformatting again and again, I finally did it! Thursday night I was able to hold my book in my hands. It finally felt real, like all my hard work was worth it. There is no greater feeling than seeing your dreams come true.

Some authors only have eBooks, others only paperbacks. That’s totally fine! My suggestion is to have both versions available to reach the widest audience possible. Don’t stress yourself out about it though.

Remember, your readers are your most important audience. Whether you start with one or one thousand readers, you are succeeding. Allow yourself to see the progress you’re making.

For anyone interested, I will be at an entrepreneurship fair this Friday, December 13, 2019. I will be selling signed copies of my book! They will be on sale compared to the list price you see on amazon.

This is a homeschooling event that I am participating in where lots of homeschool students from the school I attend will be selling their products. I know we would all love it for you to come and support us if possible. (Did I mention you would get to meet me?) I hope to see you there!

Address: Audie Murhy Sports Park 30376 Lone Pine Dr. Menifee 92584

Time: 10am-12pm.

-R.E. Klinzing

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