What I Like About Homeschooling

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all safe and healthy!

I don’t usually talk about my life as a homeschooler, but during these new times where a lot more people are trying to homeschool while quarantined, I figured it’s as good a time as any!

I started homeschooling in 2017 when I started high school. There were many factors that went into the decision for my family to start homeschooling, and I admit, it was a little bit of a rocky start for me. Coming from a disciplined, private school, the whole concept was new to me. But as my freshman year continued, I fell in love with the life of homeschooling.

Because of the corona virus a lot of people are having to homeschool now. So I just want to say, you’re doing a good job! You got this! I’m rooting for you!

Now, this goes without saying, homeschooling isn’t always easy, as a lot of people are starting to realize. Trust me. I know. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Like many great things in life, you have to work at want you want. I know a lot of people are having to homeschool unwillingly right now, but being quarantined has put a pin in a lot of homeschoolers’ activities too! It’s not just public schools that are affected.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So, let’s get this thing going!

My family has been homeschooling for four years now, and every year is different. Heck, every semester is different!

Our upstairs loft is what we call our “school room.” We all have our own desk space, though mine is in my room. We have a schedule that we do try to follow, but it’s always changing. (Which is why homeschooling is great! It’s flexible!) Because I’m in high school I have the opportunity to take dual enrollment college classes during the day! (although right now they are all online.) My family also participates in a co-op, which is basically going to school with other homeschoolers. (Right now that’s kind of on hold.) And in my house, or school, we all help teach each other.

So, homeschooling has many opportunities! And there are no wrong ways of doing it as long as you’re learning! Whether you’re taking online classes, are part of a charter school (like me), part of a co-op, or completely independent, there are so many ways to homeschool!

Homeschooling is such a broad topic, I can’t talk about everything in one post. So, today, here is a list of some of my favorite parts of being a homeschooler.

  1. I can do school work in my pajamas! I don’t usually do it, but hey, I can!
  2. Lunch time can be any time of the day! Along with snack time.
  3. Family reading time.
  4. Getting to take college classes.
  5. Being able to help teach my siblings.
  6. I can have music on while I work.
  7. If I finish early, I’m done early! There is no set class time I have to follow.
  8. I do not have to wear shoes!
  9. Field trips are amazing! (I miss them.)
  10. I get more time to write.

So, for everyone who is new to homeschooling, I’m going to say it again. You got this!

If there are any specific aspects of homeschooling you want me to talk about, put them in the comments! And if you are homeschooled, share what you like most about it.

So, there you have it, a peak into my life as homeschooler.

As always, happy writing. And happy learning!

-R.E. Klinzing

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