The Bayshire: The Story Behind the Cover

Hey readers! Welcome to the world of the Teen Spy Organization! The second book in the series, The Bayshire, was just released on June 8th! You can purchase it as an ebook or a paperback on Amazon! The ebook is also available at Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, Scribd, and more! Today I want … Continue reading The Bayshire: The Story Behind the Cover

All in the Name of Research!

What's up, readers! Today we're talking all about research! Now don't get all disappointed here. This isn't a school assignment, some science report, and anything like that. I'm talking about research for books! This is your writing research, because YES, writing involves some research! In fact, research for my books is my favorite type of … Continue reading All in the Name of Research!

Author Proofs Unboxing Video

Hello my fellow T.S.O. agents! Today I have something a little different for all of you. Some of you might know, but I have received some author proofs of The Bayshire. They look amazing! I just finished reading through and marking everything I want to address, and I will then make what I hope to … Continue reading Author Proofs Unboxing Video

Can A Teenager Really Publish a Book??

Alright everyone. This post is for all you minors out there. (And of course everyone else is still welcome.) For any kid who's ever had a story wandering around in their head, who's ever thought of writing a book. You've asked yourself the question; "Can I really write and publish a book? I'm not an … Continue reading Can A Teenager Really Publish a Book??

Why do Writers Need to Take Breaks From Writing??

Hey everybody! Some of you might know that I took a small trip last week, in which I could not write or edit at all. (That's why there wasn't a post last week.) Some people like to say that you know you're a writer when you feel you have to write constantly. I can understand … Continue reading Why do Writers Need to Take Breaks From Writing??

ProWritingAid and Why I Use It.

Every good writer knows that editing is a vital part in the book writing journey. It is something that can't be overlooked. I have struggled with establishing my editing process for a very long time. I'm still figuring out how to go about it with every new book I write. My general editing process usually … Continue reading ProWritingAid and Why I Use It.

2020 Wrap-Up

Well everyone, we made it! Another year is gone and behind us! **Sigh of relief ** And boy, was it quite an interesting year. There has been so much going on this past year, from the Coronavirus to the presidential elections. But don't worry. I will not talk about any of that. We shall focus … Continue reading 2020 Wrap-Up

My Current WIP, Outside the T.S.O. Universe.

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I have something a little different for you. Don't worry, it's short. Last year, during NaNoWriMo, I talked about a Work-in-Progress of mine that I was working on writing. Well, I'm happy to say that I've completed my first draft and a mini rewrite on that very project. So, it's time to … Continue reading My Current WIP, Outside the T.S.O. Universe.

The Bayshire: Cover Release

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to finally be able to share the official cover for The Bayshire, (T.S.O. Bk. 2) Here is its... The adventure for the agents of the Teen Spy Organization continues. Agent Alexis Mills, stationed in Ohio, is a top agent that carries out her missions with her impressive combat skills and … Continue reading The Bayshire: Cover Release

Finding Doom: Happy Book Birthday!!

"If my parents didn't know the true story, and I didn't know what happened, who was going to tell me?"Finding Doom, R.E. Klinzing We made it! I can't believe it's been a whole year! Hey everyone! Today is Finding Doom's book birthday! It has officially been published for a whole year! I remember when I … Continue reading Finding Doom: Happy Book Birthday!!