I am OFFICIALLY on Goodreads!

Hello Everyone! So, writing wise, I'm current'y on a break in between editing revisions for The Bayshire. I'm also working on a small rewrite for a fantasy story I've been working on. Anyways, I have officially set up my author account on Goodreads! I encourage you to check it out! I would love to see … Continue reading I am OFFICIALLY on Goodreads!

T.S.O. Book Two Name Coming Soon!

The second book of the T.S.O. series is coming soon! I've been working away, (and still am) to create this next adventure for the T.S.O. agents. But it's time you know at least a little something about it. So, to start off the excitement. . . In two weeks, the name of book 2 will … Continue reading T.S.O. Book Two Name Coming Soon!

Finding Doom Soon to be in Bookstores!

The wait is coming to an end! Finding Doom will soon be available for print purchases at places like Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Ingram, and more! These editions will have a different cover backing, and a unique interior format! (Table of contents included!) Make sure you sign up for the email list to be the … Continue reading Finding Doom Soon to be in Bookstores!

Poetry Contest: Inside the Sun

Hey everybody! So, the Riverside County Office of Education is having these weekly art contests. This is the last day for week one, poetry. The theme of the contest is Expressions of Change. Now, I don't usually write poetry, but I decided to enter. When I was younger I wrote poetry all the time until … Continue reading Poetry Contest: Inside the Sun

School Visit; Kornblum Elementary School

The week of March 2nd was "Read Across America Week"! I was invited to a 'Meet the Author' and book signing at Kornblum Elementary School in L.A. I had an amazing time! I had a chance to speak with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. In each class I talked about how and why … Continue reading School Visit; Kornblum Elementary School

What Editing Really is.

On Monday I visited Kornblum Elementary in LA and spoke to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. I had such an amazing time! All the details about that will be shared next week! Something I shared with all the kids stuck with me though, something my editor and I talk about a lot. Most … Continue reading What Editing Really is.

A Day at the Safari Park!

Last week I celebrated my 17th birthday! My family and I went to the San Diego Safari Park (used to be called the Wild Animal Park). Growing up, I went there all the time! It was a huge part of my childhood! So, to start off the last year before I'm 18, I decided to … Continue reading A Day at the Safari Park!

Book Challenge Winner!!!!

So, after collecting answers from comments and Instagram, we have a winner! drum roll please... Percy Jackson and the Olympians! I had so much fun hearing about everyone's favorite books. So, next week I will put up a review of the Percy Jackson series. I am currently reading the last book of the series! Other … Continue reading Book Challenge Winner!!!!

When the Writing Life Gets Stressful: A Little Bit of Motivation.

The writing life can be stressful sometimes, heck, life can be stressful! You can be feeling stuck in your story, lose motivation. Life happens and your writing is put on the back burner. That's ok! I just have to remind myself that hey, I can do this! Look how far I've come already! I have … Continue reading When the Writing Life Gets Stressful: A Little Bit of Motivation.